Wei Wang Art Studio



Hello, my name is Wei Wang. I am an Canadian  artist specializing in the western oil painting as well as the Chinese inside-of-bottle painting.  I studied drawing and painting at OCAD University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009.  I discovered my passion for freedom technology and  fell in love with the Group of Seven style. And although I have for the most part left painting behind I still use its essential influences to create my works.


 I studied the painting of the Group of seven and inspired by the philosophy and style of this group. after years of studying skills of the western oil painting and Chinese painting, I started in a very unique position to create a style of my own. 


upon graduation, I went back to China to study the Chinese inside-of-bottle painting craft under the guidance of Mr.Xishan Wang, the master of this art craft. And incorporate the western style of freedom and passion into her Chinese inside-of-the bottle craft. 


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